Sergio de Gandarias- Latin American Art
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Sergio de Gandarias-Torso
Sergio de Gandarias Latin American Art
resin, alabaster, marble dust
70"H x  19" W x 14"D
Measurements include steel base
US$ 4000.
resin, alabaster, marble dust
92"H x 45" W x 32"D
Measurements include steel base
US$ 10,500.
Sergio de Gandarias-Pecho y Cara
"fragment: pecho y cara"
resin, alabaster, marble dust
29"H x  11" W x 21"D
US$ 3150.

About the artist:

Sergio de Gandarias

Born 1965 in Guatemala.

Even though de Gandarias has a degree in Architecture, he has been studying art since he was a teen ager. 

As a modern sculptor, he firmly believes in breaking traditions in order to establish a particular artistic dialogue  with the viewer who is then  able to identify and make a connection. 

He has shown individually since 1983 in Guatemala and abroad and has won numerous awards.  His works belong in collections all over the world.

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