Pedro Roig
Latin American Artists Information

Pedro Roig Latin American Art
30" X 40"
US$ 2,600.

About the artist:

Pedro Roig

Pedro Roig was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1960. He is a young and talented representative of the expressive arts in Cuba. Graduate of the I.S. A, he has taken part in group shows in nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards.

" He demonstrates a vigorous and defined temperament. Surrealism attracts him within a typically Caribbean modality. He preserves morphologies of the observable context, while he moves away the borders of " the lived " situations of his characters. His themes including the play world of childhood, take us into atmospheres of stories and dreams without leaving any impression of gratuity making the universe of fantasy a reality. The surface of the fabric is particularly dynamic, both in essence as in the rhythmic and versatile repertoire of his brushstroke." (Marianne de Tolentino)

" In the contents of his work, a species of visual escapism of the material precariousness that his country is going through, which, with his love for his mother country he surrounds in a source of fantasy or dream, recreating childhood environments, where an atmosphere loaded with tenderness poetry, music, joy, and eloquent metaphors of "landscapes" embellished by their chromatic richness announces its mark of tropical surrealism… " (Virginia Goris)

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