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terracota 1/1
7" X 26 1/2"
US$ 1,280.
terracota 1/1
10" X 24"
US$ 1,900.
6" X 16"
US$ 1,200.
6 1/2" X 14"
US$ 950.
Art Guatemala   Art Guatemala   art gallery guatemala   art gallery guatemala
terracota 1/1
8" X 21"
US$ 1,275.
7" X 17"
US$ 1,050.
terracota 1/1
8" X 20"
US$ 1,050.
7" X 22"
US$ 750. (SOLD)

About the artist:

OSCAR RÍOS (1950-2004)

For over 30 years Ríos molded beautiful forms out of terracotta to portray the everyday life of the Mayan people; workers at the fields, the compadre, that has had too much to drink, the elegant cofrade that keeps the secrets of his traditions or a couple dancing to ranchero music. Seated figures, mostly feminine, at rest or with slight gestures, remind us of archaeological pieces with a touch of post modern cubism. Ríos was also a prolific painter, however, he wanted his reputation to grow as a sculptor. That is the reason why no one, not even the art galleries ever knew this work. His paintings; mostly acrylics on panel are very similar in technique and subject matter to his terracotta sculptures. They are being exhibited for the first time and should be a surprise to his admirers and collectors.
Ríos was born in Río Bravo Suchitepequez in 1950. Since 1968 he participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions, art contests, auctions and art festivals. Examples of his works in Fine Art can be found in The National Museum of Archaeology in Guatemala City and private collections all over the world. He was also a professor in Sculpture at the National Fine Art School in Guatemala City. At La Antigua Galería de Arte he has been represented since 1996.

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