Nuni Canals Latin American Art
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Nuni Canals - Mujer Maya   Nuni Canals Latin American Art   Nuni Canals Latin American Art
mujer maya
2/6 resin 
24 " X 18" x 13"
US$ 1,825.
2/6 resin
13 1/2" X 10" x 10"
US$ 1,050.
  la princesa en su viaje
2/6 resin
22 " X 20" x 7"
US$ 1,180.

Nuni Canals - Meditacion II Nuni Canals Latin American Art Nuni Canals Latin American Art
1/1 mixed medium
13 " X 20" x 5"
la siesta
2/6 resin
13 " X 8" x 6"
US$ 1050.
1/6 resin
18 1/2" X 8 3/4" x 7 1/2"
US$ 785.

Artist Bio:

Nuni Canals was born in Puerto Rico in 1953. She has lived in her ‘adopted home,’ Guatemala, for 15 years. She began to explore sculpture out of curiosity and considers herself self-taught in the discipline though she has undertaken formal studies. She sees herself as an artesian with a passion for building, experimenting and working with materials of all types in the three dimensional form. Her themes of choice center around her experience as woman; her role as a mother and as global ambassador for peaceful relations. Her art is a tool for searching, not only for herself but establishing links with family, society and the spaces in which we all live.

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