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"Belleza con collar" - Miguel Angel Perez Latin American Art
"Belleza con foco y frutas" - Miguel Angel Perez Latin American Art

"belleza con collar"
acrylic on canvas
29" X 24"
US$ 240. (SOLD)

"belleza con foco y frutas"
acrylic on canvas
31 1/2" X 29 1/2"
US$ 270.
"Mujer con jarron" - Miguel Angel Perez "Nina con sandia y vela" - Miguel Angel Perez
"mujer con jarron"
acrylic on canvas
32 1/4" X 26 3/4"
US$ 280.
"nina con sandia y vela"
acrylic on canvas
32" X 34"
US$ 270.

Artist Statement:

Born in Jutiapa, Guatemala in 1943.

Guatemalan National School of  Fine Arts.
 Advertising Drawing Workshop Ramón Avila.

He has participated in numerous individual shows and group shows in different Art Galleries in Guatemala. He has also won several awards in the national art contests.

Miguel Angel Perez is very well known in Guatemala for his paintings of women, to whom he pays tribute canvas after canvas.His work possesses a refreshing quality and a fluent style. The women in his paintings are creatures of his imagination, they live inside geometric frames, they have affable gazes, big almond eyes, abundant hair, delicate hands and long necks. His use of bright colors which he choses, and his choice of subject matter have contributed to a distintive style.



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