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Campos del Porvenir Manuel Barrientos Latin American Art   En un rincon del sueño Manuel Barrientos Latin American Art   Nostalgico con guacamaya Manuel Barrientos Latin American Art
"campos del porvenir"
acrylic on canvas
37 1/2" X 29 1/2"
US$ 1640.
  "en un rincon del sueño"
acrylic on canvas
23 1/2 " X 27 1/2"
US$ 1,080.
  "nostálgico con guacamaya"
acrylic on canvas
18" X 19 3/4"
US$ 660.
Ofrenda Mistica Manuel Barrientos Latin American Art
"ofrenda mística"
acrylic on canvas
16 1/2 " X 16 1/2"
US$ 635.

About the artist:

Born in Guatemala

Manuel Barrientos work focuses on a kind of magical landscape of large clear spaces in which different elements (distant volcanoes, fragile human constructions, huge fields)  acquire a sort of magical legend that reveal an oniric background.
Juan Juárez
Painter, Writer and Art Critic.
July 2002.

Barrientos has won numerous awards since he began his art studies. His mature technique has given his subject matter great social significance, and a level of optimum performance. Currently, his work is among the most popular in the art scene in Guatemala.
Mauro Osorio
Artist and illustrator of book covers and cultural magazines

With a very clean and subtle pictorial composition his work has a tendency to be surreal; magical landscapes, full of poetry in which each element such as fruits, fish and every day objects are put into perspective.

Rocío Quiroa
Gallery and a degree in Psychology.

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