Linnit Duflon - Latin American Art
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San Simon 2-Linnitt Dufon Latin American Art
"san simon"
limited edition serigraph
20 1/2" X 13 1/2"
US$ 115.


About the artist:

Linnit Duflon was born in Connecticut, United States.

Artist Statement:
For as long as I can remember I have been an artist.

The first painting I have on record is from when I was 4 and it shows our french poodle François serving drinks at my mother's bar. I painted the dog because I loved him and the bar because the pretty bottles and fancy shiny glasses fascinated me.
I taught myself life drawing by the time I was nine and pestered every art teacher I ever had to teach me more and more, up and above what the grade level expected.
I won my first national art award at the age of 15 and by that time had learned how to make jewelry, paint, silkscreen, plaster cast sculpture, woodcut, and straight etching on copper plates.
While working for my BFA I learned B&W photography, and stone lithography, monoprint and monotype.
When I came to Guatemala from the U.S. I was given a set of watercolors and, as you can see,
I fell in love with the medium because of it's purity of hue.

I am considered to be a colorist and a figurative expressionist.

My paintings are a reflection of the world that surrounds me and shows my personal feelings about my experiences with a little bit of my emotional response as spice.
I will say, however, that as each painting is considered a window into another place, I do prefer to make my windows either beautiful, funny, sensual, or all of the above. I believe art should speak for itself
and if it says nothing, then it didn't complete it's sentence. Given that I love gardening, cooking, religious artifacts, animals and people with character, you'll not be surprised to run into those elements in my stories.

My subject matter comes from absolutely any idea that captures my interest and then I pick the medium and technique which most aptly expresses it to it's full potential.



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