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Gina Intveen - Retorno Gina Intveen - Atrapasueños Gina Intveen - Conteniendo a Nana
acrylic on canvas 
39 1/4" X 39 1/4"
US$ 2,400.(SOLD)
"atrapa suenos"
acrylic on canvas
27 1/2" x 47 1/4"
US$ 2,400.
conteniendo a nana
acrílico sobre tela/acrylic on canvas
43 1/4" x 35"
US$. 2400.

Art Guatemala   Art Guatemala   Art Guatemala
"aviso tsunami"
óleo sobre tela/oil on canvas
100 X 120 cms.
US$ 5,400.
  "las hormigas"
óleo sobre tela/oil on canvas
90 X 70 cms.
US$ 2,500.
óleo sobre tela/oil on canvas
90 X 70 cms.
US$ 2,500.

Art Guatemala Art Guatemala
óleo sobre tela/oil on canvas
90 X 70 cms.
US$ 2,500.
"ramo de novia"
óleo sobre tela/oil on canvas
150 X 60 cms.
US$ 4,800.

About the artists:

Gina Intveen
Gina Intveen was born in Concepcion, Chile and since her early childhood felt a calling towards the fine arts, even more so when she started attending the painting workshops at the Corporacion Cultural Artistas del Acero. Later she majored in Arts at the Universidad de Concepcion. After graduating, she has been relentlessly exploring different art techniques. At this moment she has a long background as a painter, she has taken part in numerous art contests in Chile, has shown individually and collectively in galleries all over the world.
The paintings in this collection belong to a series presented at La Antigua Galeria de Arte in Guatemala entitled "Eros".

“The force of Eros”
Eros, the Greek god responsible for sexual attraction and love, and the power it conveys are the source of inspiration for this collection staged by these two renowned Chilean artists. Their interpretation on canvas is playful, colorful and sensual yet charge with the impetus for life.  (Gina Intveen, 2010)

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