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Bosque de mounstros Dulce Gonzalez   Fantasia en la ciudad- Dulce Gonzalez
"bosque de mounstritos"
acrylic on canvas
8 1/2 " X 11 1/2"
US$ 535.
  "fantasia en la ciudad"
acrylic on canvas
9" X 12 1/2"
US$ 470.
Dulce Gonzalez-Campo Floreado   Dulce Gonzalez-El Mercadito   Dulce Gonzalez Paisaje en Ocre
"campo floreado"
9" X 12"
US$ 535.
  "el mercadito"
8 " X 11 1/2"
US$ 535.
  "paisaje en ocre"
acrylic on paper
9 " X  12"
US$ 535.

About the artist:

Dulce Gonzalez

Born in Guatemala City 1965

Self taught. Her mentor was her father, the Guatemalan Master Roberto González Goyri.  Dulce Gonzalez' paintings are unique, in them she recreates a world of her own.  Naif in essence, there is coherence in her work, fantasy being the common element in each one of her creations inspired mostly in childhood memories or her dreams. 

Individual Shows:
El Tunel Gallery, Guatemala City 1995
El Attico,Guatemala City 2004
In the year 2000 she illustrated a children's book. She works in watercolors and acrylics.

Group Shows:
Rotary Ladies Club 1998-2006
El Tunel,Art Gallery,Guatemala City 1994
Art Gallery at the RLU Guatemala City 1995
El Attico, Art Gallery, Guatemala City 1996
Contemporary Art Gallery, Guatemala City 1996
Junkabal Group Show 1997-2006
Ixchel Museum of Art 1997
Rozas Botran Foundation Auction 2002-2006
G & T Foundation Group Show 2005




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