Latin American Artists Information
Humberto Garavito Latin American Art
"mujeres en el campo-1924"
oil on canvas
25 1/2" X  21 1/4"
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About this piece:

Humberto Garavito lived in Paris from 1924-1927. During that time he studied the works of the masters, especially that of the impressionist movement which he himself adopted. At the age of 28 (1925) he had a one man show in Paris at the Carmin Gallery.  The exhibit was commented by the french newspapers.  The art critic Rene Jean wrote: "Humberto Garavito from Guatemala was only being himself to reveal the soul of his race".  Miguel Angel Asturias, Nobel Prize Winner in Literature who lived in Paris at that time also wrote: "Garavito has been successful in Paris. This piece of news has to be propagated the same way fire spreatd on dry straw, into houses and temples and plazas". In this exhibit Garavito presented his usual themes, inexhaustible and always new landscapes and portraits of the indigenous.  (Irma de Lujan, Grandes Maestros del arte en Guatemala.) This piece belongs to the collection he presented during that exhibit.

About the artist:

Humberto Garavito
Humberto Garavito was born in Quetzaltenango in 1897.
He is considered on of the artists who best recreated the regional landscapes and indigenous traditions in Guatemala. In 1919 he traveled to Mexico where he studied at San Carlos Academy. Upon returning to Guatemala in 1921, he obtained first prize at the art exhibition celebrating the Independence Centennial and the same year obtained a scholarship to study at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid, Spain.  In 1924 he settled in Paris where his personal exhibition at The Cannine Art Gallery proved highly successful.  He returned to Guatemala in 1927.  He then became director of the Guatemalan Fine Arts Academy until 1935.  He died in 1970.
He discovered in his art the theme of Guatemalan lyrical realism through expressive indigenous figures, representative of this noble race. He was an eternal lover of the lakes and volcanoes and of his country’s grandeur and color.  A pioneer for generations who found in nature the romantic tradition by dwelling and capturing the spirit of the Maya and the volcanic majesty of Guatemala.

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